EMR Print Management - Epic Printing Problems & Solutions By Arron Fu, CTO on July 28, 2017

For those working in the healthcare industry know, Epic boasts some of the most widely used EMR software solutions for hospital and healthcare organizations and an Epic printing solution can be very valuable, if it were easy to install, manage and most of all easy to maintain. This is especially true in an Epic-hosted VDI environment.

While VDI technology has allowed for fast and secure access to Epic applications for roaming healthcare users, location-based printing can still be problematic. The larger the hospital or healthcare organization, the harder it becomes to deliver fast and reliable printing output such as physician orders, prescription labels, patient wristbands, and other important documents.

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Enterprise Cloud Solutions: Overcome Barriers to Cloud Print By Arron Fu, CTO on July 13, 2017

It’s not hard to see why organizations around the world have been quick to adopt cloud computing. 

With an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud solutions can be easily implemented to increase mobility and convenience, scalability, and flexibility to the workplace.

One area that the Cloud is expanding to is printing.

It may seem that the cloud and printing are at opposite ends of an organization’s infrastructure spectrum, but printing remains an important part of an organization’s infrastructure that cannot be completely virtualized as the purpose printing is to take something virtual and make it physical.

The Cloud allows businesses to be more run more efficient business processes, including printing. In fact, printing is one of the most basic business process that could be simplified with the Cloud.

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Hidden Costs of Printing – How Much Are You Spending? By Arron Fu, CTO on July 5, 2017

Organizations are constantly striving to run more efficiently, cut costs, and increase employee workflow. However, one area that is frequently overlooked is the office printing environment, which can be a huge barrier to achieving efficiency and cutting costs.

Printing has become a large hidden cost that organizations can no longer afford to ignore. With an uncontrolled printing environment, companies risk losing their business thousands of dollars each year in waste and inefficiencies.

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How to Establish a True Enterprise Mobile Print Solution By Arron Fu, CTO on June 26, 2017

Mobile devices are transforming the workplace and productivity. The workplace is not limited to the traditional office space and desktop computers, rather employees can access corporate information and services from their mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets, and laptops in different locations each day.

With the rise of the mobile workforce, organizations need to ensure that employees have access to the same information and services they would have from inside the office, all while still protecting data and maintaining security.

The diversity of mobile devices and platforms presents another challenge – printing. Printing remains a critical business function and the need for a secure mobile printing solution continues to increase. 

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Output Print Management – 7 Steps to Prevent Printer Security Breaches By Arron Fu, CTO on June 16, 2017

Over 60% of businesses have admitted to experiencing print-related data breaches, however enterprises still place a low priority on print security.

Multi-function printers (MFP) have evolved into sophisticated devices capable of running its own software and handling print, scan, email, and fax; it has become an integral device in streamlining workflows, and a device that organizations can no longer be complacent with. MFPs are referred to as the “weakest link” in IT infrastructure and can leave organizations exposed to potential data breaches. 

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Infographic - Leverage Virtual Printing In Your Healthcare Environment By on June 8, 2017

Perhaps no workplace environment is more stressful than healthcare. At its most basic level, healthcare revolves around a never-ending cycle of critical emergencies. Dealing with this most elemental form of stress is just a part of many clinicians’ lives. While not every clinician must cope with such extremes on a daily basis, all healthcare professionals must face another stark reality: Ongoing changes in the healthcare industry place increasing pressure on workers to accomplish more in less time.

Indeed, all healthcare professionals spend every day in a very demanding, very stressful environment. It is not a place for printing problems! This infographic illustrates some of the printing related challenges faced by clinicians and healthcare IT personnel as well as printing virtualization solutions provided by UniPrint Infinity's Healthcare Printing Suite:

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User Stories: Cloud Hosting IT Manager Helps Clients Profit From Efficiency By on May 24, 2017

I’m Bob Pelzer, the IT Manager and this is Wynn Fangmeier, an IT Analyst at TEAM Software. TEAM Software is an independent software vendor that makes software for the back-end process of janitorial and security guard companies. We provide ERP systems to cover everything from accounting, HR, budgeting, and timekeeping software. There’s a lot of high turnover, a lot of HR needs in those industries with not a lot of ops personnel to do it, so we help automate and accelerate the process.

We are Window’s based with SQL server so we’re heavy on web products and we rely on Citrix for a lot of support. When users are connecting to our network they may be based in a home office or central office, but there are ops managers, field officers, and they could be connecting from anything! 

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UniPrint User Stories: Lead Solutions Architect at American Red Cross Improves IT Workflow By on May 18, 2017

My name is Adam Flowers, and I am a lead solutions architect here at the American Red Cross. The team that I am on is called End User Technologies Solutions, which is the architect or engineering level for the EUS group which is desktop support or service desk support.

Being on the IT team, I am tasked with IT support for a multitude of different organizations and end user classifications. I support full-time employees, part-time employees, and the volunteer staff as well. We have such a diverse printing environment - so many different printer models, many different set-ups, and of course we had home users that had wireless printers in their homes or USB attached printers out there.

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What is the difference between EMR and EHR? By Arron Fu, CTO on May 16, 2017

Over the past several years with digital transformation, the healthcare industry has been undergoing major changes. One obvious change is the transition from paper records to digital records by hospitals, doctor’s, clinics, and other facilities.

With a lot of news coverage and changes with technology, the terms EMR and EHR are often mixed up, leading to some confusion.

There are quite a few differences between EMR and EHR. Below we outline the major differences and some challenges healthcare workers may be facing EMR and EHR printing.  

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UniPrint User Stories: A Healthcare Medical Doctor’s Printing Challenges By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on May 15, 2017

I’m Doctor Brian Lee, and I am full time emergency doctor, chairman of the emergency department, and chairman of the physician advisory committee for St. Joseph Hospital. Our hospital serves 90,000 patients a year and on average I serve 10 patients an hour.

One of the primary issues that I faced was accidentally printing confidential documents to other regions, since our old system listed every single location, which caused a lot of frustration with having to run back and forth to collect the documents. This ended up being a very time consuming process which took anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes just to get something printed out.

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UniPrint User Stories: Standard Bank CIO Successful Secures Their Print Infrastructure By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on May 15, 2017

My name is Simon Le Brocq, and I am the Chief Information Officer at Standard Bank Offshore Group. I am responsible for overseeing the IT strategy and computer systems required to support the bank.

At our headquarters in Jersey, we have 200 internal clients which runs a mixture of thick and thin clients on Windows 7 and Citrix XenApp 6.5, while our remote locations predominately run on thin client applications.

In addition to our other locations in Isle of Man, London, Mauritius, and Johannesburg, we have a total of 420 internal advisers across the globe.

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Infographic - Healthcare Printing Suite By on May 11, 2017

Despite all the advances in digitalization and imaging technology, printing continues to be a critical function for the healthcare industry. UniPrint Infinity’s™ Healthcare Printing Suite (HPS) enables speedy, error-free, and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications, with 100% uptime.  Deploying the UniPrint Infinity HPS, hospitals and health organizations benefit from optimized clinical workflows, reduced printing costs, and improved quality of patient care while eliminating data breaches when printing.

This infographic illustrates how healthcare organizations can benefit from UniPrint Infinity’s™ Healthcare Printing Suite.

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7 Criteria for Selecting a Print Management and Output Management Vendor By Arron Fu, CTO on May 5, 2017

Enterprise print management and output management has emerged as a proven approach to reducing IT costs, improving employee efficiency, workflow, and the reliability of an enterprise’s printing infrastructure. 

Most organizations turn to a 3rd party printing solution for cost reduction and service reliability. But they can also provide other benefits such as document workflow, mobility, and end user productivity.

All print management and output management vendors try to focus on simplifying IT management, improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing security around enterprise printing operations, but that does not mean they are all equal.

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Redefine Digital Printing with at Citrix Synergy 2017 By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on May 1, 2017

Join us at Citrix Synergy in Orlando May 23-25, booth #511 and meet David Fung, our Managing Partner (CEO) and Marisol Lopez, our Enterprise Sales Manager to learn how to eliminate your printing challenges and simplify intra-organizational printing structures. We will also be showcasing the latest update to UniPrint Infinity (version 9.1). Stop by and try our demo, talk with our solutions experts, and enter our prize draw. See the details!

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Infographic - 3 Effective Ways to Reduce Printing Costs By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on April 18, 2017

Companies of all sizes and industries are feeling the pressure to streamline their operations in order to reduce costs and at the same time, meet the demand of corporate social responsiblity.

By taking control of your enterprise printing and output managment you will not only reduce your total cost of ownership, but also increase workflow and overall user productivity.

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Secure Print Release – 3 Ways to Securely Print Your Confidential Documents By Arron Fu, CTO on April 17, 2017

Every enterprise strives to make existing business processes and workflows more efficient and ultimately to reduce costs.

In a busy organization, documents are often left at a printer or forgotten about. Depending on the department or industry, this can be a huge security risk.

Secure print release solves this by giving you control to print your print jobs when and where you want without having to worry about any security risks. 

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How to Establish a Consistent End-User Printing Experience in Multi-Hybrid Environments By Arron Fu, CTO on April 13, 2017

One of the biggest challenges for any new technology is user acceptance, whether it is from the IT department or end users.

Without full scale acceptance, not much will be implemented despite high ROI and senior executive sponsorship.

There are two main challenges that you must overcome to establish full scale acceptance.

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Printing Cost Calculator – Calculate Your Cost of Printing By Arron Fu, CTO on April 12, 2017

If you find yourself or your coworkers printing often, you might be interested to know how much these printings are costing your company.

A study by Gartner found that companies spend between 1 - 3% of annual revenue on printing. This means that if your company has an annual revenue of $10 million, $100,000 - $300,000 is being spent on printing!

Your cost of printing can be broken down into two main sub-categories focusing on printing costs and the other being process costs.

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Why Follow Me Printing Should be part of your Mobile Print Strategy By Arron Fu, CTO on April 10, 2017

As you may already know, with the adoption of cloud and mobile technology, there has been an increased trend with organizations looking for tools and applications that support employee mobility and the adoption of digitally influenced tech that people use in their daily lives.

BYOD users and guests should be able to easily and securely print from both corporate and personal mobile devices, while you retain the ability to control what and how each user prints. 

Security is obviously a big challenge and the use of follow me printing software along with mobile printing has many potential cost savings and security features which will benefit organizations in the long run. 

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UniPrint User Stories: Healthcare Director of IT Celebrates Huge ROI with UniPrint Infinity By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on April 3, 2017

I’m Sheranga Jayasinghe, and I am the Director of IT at Sunrise Health Region. I manage the IT Department for the Sunrise Health Region which is one of 13 health regions in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our services at Sunrise Health Region include acute care, long-term care, community services, public health and mental health. We manage 18 sites.

We are a complete virtual environment. Our VDI environment consist of Citrix Xendesktop running a Windows OS. Our Clinical applications are hosted provincially and we access them via published desktops. (Citrix XenApp). We support 5000 users, close to 2500 Zero clients and 300 or so shared printers.

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2 Major Challenges of Mobile Print Strategy and What You Need to Know By Arron Fu, CTO on March 28, 2017

The advent of mobile smartphones and tablets have changed the way we all communicate and do business. A report by IDC found that 75% of the workforce was mobile in 2010. As the use of mobility has grown, the need for mobile print is also growing.

In considering a mobile print strategy, there are often many questions that arise from both sides of the equation. IT departments and system administrators worry how this will affect their daily routines and workflow, while end users may worry about if their BYOD device is supported with mobile print.

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Infographic - How To Prevent Security Breaches with Secure Pull Printing By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on March 6, 2017

The vPad Pro is a multi-purpose network print appliance that enables dual print security through PDF encryption and user-authenticated secure pull printing.

It can also enable print stream compression, which solves remote printing bandwidth issues that can occur with print servers in remote locations.

By deploying a secure pull printing solution, it will reduce printing costs by eliminating waste, improve user workflow through on-demand printing and improve security from print-related data breaches. 

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7 Different Types of Cloud Computing Structures That You Should Know By Arron Fu, CTO on March 3, 2017

Cloud computing is basically a collection of different services provided by different companies. It mainly depends on resource sharing using internet enabled devices that allow the function of application software.

The Cloud can serve a wide range of functions over the Internet, such as storage from virtual servers, virtual applications, authorization of desktop applications etc. 

By implementing resource sharing, cloud computing is able to achieve reliability and economies of scale. There are mainly two types of cloud computing models which are service based and deployment based.

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Infographic - Print Serverless Printing: Is it Right for your IT Environment? By Gaynor Wong, Sr. Marketing Specialist, on February 22, 2017

Serverless printing enables direct Internet Protocol (IP) printing from computers to network printers. Each workstation is configured to connect directly to each printer with each corresponding printer driver. 

This type of setup removes the complication of having a piece of dedicated server for printer purposes, but is it right for your print environment? 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Deploy a Secure Pull Printing Solution By Arron Fu, CTO on February 14, 2017

It is no surprise that technology and software will always have holes that hackers want to exploit. With increasing security concerns surrounding hackers and data leakage, it’s no surprise organizations are beginning to beef up their IT security, with one of them being secure printing.

You can think of secure pull printing as a two-step process for your it printing environment. The first step being that a user sends a print job to a printer. The second part, is the authentication and release of the actual print document at the printer. Essentially, your print job will follow you wherever you go, allowing you to pick up a print job wherever and whenever you want.

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Is Citrix a Print Software Company? By Steven Jones, Regional Director - EMEA on February 6, 2017

When talking to people about printing in a Citrix world, many customers I have come across will ask, “why do I need UniPrint Infinity when I have Citrix UPD?”

My answer is always the same: “Citrix is not a print software company”. This seems obvious, so why is it so important to remember? To answer this, we have to venture back to the root cause of printing issues in Citrix, or more to the point: printing issues in Microsoft.

Most customers blame Citrix stability issues and the ability to manage printing when in reality the culprits are Microsoft and the EMF print process.

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UniPrint Survey Report: Major Printing Issues Landscape in 2016 By Gaynor Wong, Marketing Specialist, on January 30, 2017

Printers and printing present a wide range of issues for users. Printing may be too slow, wait times may be too long, and security may be nonexistent. Sometimes, organizations just lack the ability to provide printing for their mobile users.

To get better insight into people’s major printing issues, we conducted a survey in 2016 in which we asked users what their major printing issues were in their printing environment and if they even had any. The survey was conducted at half a dozen major tradeshows we had attended over the course of the year. In total, there were 1557 people who were surveyed. 

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Infographic - Remote Printing with Print Stream Compression By on December 6, 2016

Why should you use print stream compression with remote printing? Bloated print data can wreak havoc on bandwidth availability. By implementing print stream compression, it solves bandwidth issues and promotes consistently fast remote printing across multiple geographical locations when deployed with UniPrint Infinity. By installing a simple print appliance like the vPad CE, you are guaranteed to get your return on investment within the first year. 

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Digital Transformation: Printing Challenges in an MPS Environment By Steven Jones, Regional Director - EMEA on November 24, 2016

Let’s face it: printing is not the most glamourous topic in the IT landscape. It’s not particularly inspiring or exciting when listed next to things like hyper-convergence, cloud computing, and digital transformation. Any IT manager will tell you how difficult it is to gather volunteers to handle the dreaded “print project”, and adding it to a meeting agenda can clear a board room pretty quickly.

In short, no sane IT professional wants to spend their days on printing, and so senior IT managers will often bring in Print Vendors to tackle the problem on their behalf. Then, after signing a 3-5 year Managed Print Service (MPS) contract with a print vendor, the expectation is that all of the organizations print issues will magically disappear. Unfortunately, this is usually a pipe dream.

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Direct IP Printing or Print Servers - Which one is better? By Arron Fu, CTO on November 10, 2016

Issues with print maintenance and figuring out how to properly configure your printing environment has always been a huge struggle for system administrators. Both set up environments will have its problems and advantages. Deciding upon how to configure your printing environment, whether it be through direct IP printing or print servers, really comes down to your needs.

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Infographic - Why Everyone Should Print To A Virtual Print Queue By on October 26, 2016

How do you print today? In today's IT industry the need for a simplified user printing experience that saves on costs and adds on-demand security has never been higher. This infographic illustrates how everyone can benefit from printing to a virtual print queue. UniPrint Infinity's™ now gives full freedom and control to its users on how they want to release their print jobs through our vPad print appliances, embedded VPQ connectors on MFPs and iOS/android mobile apps. 

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Meditech Printing: How A Healthcare CIO Solved Their EMR Printing Issues By Arron Fu, CTO on October 6, 2016

Despite all the advances in virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology, printing still continues to be a vital function within the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations running a wide printing infrastructure can be challenging. In particular, large hospitals with widely dispersed zones and highly mobile printing environments need every moment of their time taking care of patients. In the case of St. Joseph Health (SJH), their CIO and IT team had been struggling with Meditech printing issues in their Citrix environment. SJH runs a fast-paced environment employing over 24,000 healthcare professionals and managing 1,200 printers across two regions. Their environment uses locked down PCs as thin clients that launch into a Citrix XenDesktop environment along with Meditech HIS to access medical records.  

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Chrome OS Printing via Google Cloud Print – Is It Worth The Security Risk? By Arron Fu, CTO on September 27, 2016

One of the most frequently common questions we receive are concerns about Chrome OS printing. My answer is although Google Cloud Printing is easy to use and rather handy, it isn't perfect. Normally, the configuration of your printing network to enable Chrome OS printing would involve a lot of work, but Google Cloud Print allows you to do it within just a few minutes. Probably the biggest benefit of Google Cloud printing is that it simplifies enterprise printing structures and also the complex coordination of hardware across a wide network of computers.

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Infographic - Cloud Printing For IT Managed Service Providers By on September 20, 2016

In today's Cloud Hosting industry, on-demand printing and high levels of accuracy are pre-requisites for MSPs to be a provider of reliable hosted services. This infographic illustrates UniPrint Infinity's™ cloud printing solution that provides worry-free, secure mobile cloud printing from any user device, to any printer, across any platform, on any network.  Its flexibility, ease-of-use and management, and quick deployment make UniPrint Infinity the printing solution of choice for cloud hosting/SaaS providers.

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Infographic - Industry’s First Hospital Print Management Solution By, Citrix Ready on August 9, 2016

UniPrint Infinity’s™ Healthcare Printing Suite (HPS) enables speedy, error-free, and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications, with 100% uptime. Comprising of 3 modules – Smart Route Printing, Smart Label Printing and High Availability, UniPrint Infinity™ HPS can be built into any computing environment, and accessed on desktop, laptop or mobile devices.  The software-based solutions also allow users to print securely and on demand to any printer, including specialty printers for wrist band and prescription bottle label printing. This relieves care givers from the mundane, yet necessary process of document output in the highly fast moving clinical environment, improving productivity and patient data security.

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Enterprise Print Management - Reap The Benefits of VDI & Solve Your Printing Issues By Arron Fu, CTO on May 19, 2016

When it comes to print traffic and data flow, there is a major difference between physical desktop printing and virtualized desktop printing. Physical desktop printing is simply print traffic flowing from a workstation to a printer. However, once virtualization is introduced, all desktops are now running in the data center, which means that print traffic now must run through the WAN connection in order to reach the printer. 

The issue with VDI printing is that there is no way to eliminate print traffic from going through the WAN, which will inherently cause bandwidth and latency problems. So what are the best options for eliminating bandwidth and print speed issues in a VDI environment? Here are a few options.

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Serverless Printing - Is It The Right Print Management Solution For You? By Arron Fu, CTO on April 19, 2016

For organizations with remote offices and limited bandwidth availability, print servers were deployed at the remote site to minimize traffic on the WAN connection.  The problem, however, was that it became very difficult to manage a distributed fleet of remote print servers, let alone the overhead required to support it. In order to reduce the amount of printer management, a push to consolidate all servers into the data center has become the new trend. This process, known as server virtualization, is now happening everywhere and is making server management a lot easier. This push, eventually led organizations to also virtualize their remote print servers for better ease of management.

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High Availability Printing – How To Ensure Maximum Printing Uptime By Arron Fu, CTO on March 22, 2016

In today’s fast paced mobile enterprise environment, a printing outage is more often than not a huge problem that results in loss of productivity and increased help desk calls. In certain industries such as healthcare and government, even a minor printing issue can have a detrimental effect on their users or customers. It is crucial that enterprise business environments with a high dependency on maximum printing uptime take the time to properly make printing highly available within their IT infrastructures. Below we will briefly touch upon virtualization, high availability, and high availability printing. 

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Remote Printing - 4 Considerations To Achieve Fast Remote Printing At Lower Costs By Arron Fu, CTO on February 3, 2016

Being able to seamlessly print documents from anywhere is not a nice to have, but rather a requirement for many organizations today, especially those with global operations. The most common issues associated with remote printing are latency and bandwidth, due to large geographical distances between remote branches and the datacenter. This leads to slow printing, incomplete or abandoned print jobs, resulting in loss of productivity and the risk of confidential information being left out in the open. So where do you begin in order to achieve a fast, secure and effective remote printing infrastructure?

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Secure Print Management - Security Is Not Simply About Locking Up Data In A Server Room By Arron Fu, CTO on December 2, 2015

Quocirca 2013 Research reported that 63% of organizations have experienced one or more data breaches through printing. And yet, many organizations are not doing enough to protect their printing environment, leaving themselves open to potential data breaches. Dealing with printing security can be labor intensive and time consuming, but is still the responsibility of the organization to ensure document security. 

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Citrix Printer Administration - Do Printing Workarounds Really Work? By Arron Fu, CTO on November 11, 2015

Many of us IT pros are creative at coming up with methods to solve day to day technical challenges including printing issues in our organizations. Why not? After all, it is part of our job and value added to the company. Case in point – many admins have told me they use workarounds to solve their Citrix printer issues, which lead me to wonder if those workarounds actually made their lives easier and provided enhanced user experience in the long term.

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Universal Printer Driver - Free is Not Really Free: The Real Cost of Enterprise Printing By Arron Fu, CTO on March 5, 2015

In this software-defined age, organizations deploy software to boost efficiency, save time and reduce costs. And like most organizations, you have limited IT staff, a modest budget and overflowing to-do lists; hence, the reason why desktop virtualization and centralized application delivery are so popular. So when an organization purchases a solution such as Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMWare Horizon and Windows Server, it is more disposed to using the built-in universal printer driver (UPD) that comes with it.  Why not? These built-in UPD printing solutions are free up front and may reduce acquisition costs, but can they reduce the cost of printing over the long term? 

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Citrix Printing - User Case in Solving Remote VDI Printing Issues By Arron Fu, CTO on February 18, 2015

As an increasing number of global enterprises move to centralize their IT infrastructures, remote printing across the vast geographical spread of operations frequently presents a formidable challenge to IT departments, such as those in a Citrix VDI environment.  Such is the case for one of UniPrint's banking/financial customers in the UK: Standard Bank Offshore Group.

Find out how UniPrint helped Standard Bank Offshore Group to successfully overcome remote printing issues across its operations to achieve effortless, fast and reliable remote printing, and provided a future-proof printing solution for their Citrix XenApp environment.

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Print Infrastructure Optimization - Is 100% Print Uptime Critical to Your Organization? By Arron Fu, CTO on February 3, 2015

Have you been in the situation where you need to print last minute (at home or at the office), only to find that your printer isn’t working when you need it the most? Now imagine a surgeon needs to perform an emergency operation on a patient, only to find that he/she cannot obtain the necessary consent forms because the print server crashed. This may be an extreme case scenario, the point is that printing is an important workflow process that we take for granted; the importance of print uptime cannot be ignored, especially in healthcare, legal, banking and public sector organizations that require contracts, claims, patient discharge forms or other critical documents to be delivered in a timely manner. So how do you optimize your print infrastructure to ensure maximum print uptime?

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Universal Printer Drivers Are Not Created Equal By Arron Fu, CTO on November 10, 2014

What is the best universal printer driver (UPD) for your environment to ensure driver incompatibility and bandwidth issues are not interfering with the daily workflow of your employees? Many printer manufacturers and third-party software providers offer UPDs to help streamline printer management throughout enterprises. One might think that any of these UPD offerings will solve your incompatibility issues – after all, they’re “universal” aren’t they? 

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Extend The Benefits Of VDI To Printing By Arron Fu, CTO on February 19, 2014

Some of you may be asking yourself, what exactly is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and how can businesses benefit from this growing IT trend?  A quick answer is that virtualization was created as an alternative solution to get the most out of idling hardware capacity in the data center. 

In the same vein, managing your VDI printing environment can offer various paybacks toward cost cutting. 

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Effective Printer Management Can Save More Than Just Time By Arron Fu, CTO on October 1, 2013

Imagine your typical hospital.  It’s pretty big, right?  Now imagine how many computers and printers there are in that hospital.  In a word: Many.

Healthcare facilities have hundreds of computing devices on one network in dozens of different locations; each may or may not have its own printer(s), which can make printer management a complicated IT issue. 

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Why Printing Still Matters By Arron Fu, CTO on August 7, 2013

Who among us hasn’t imagined the future and what new technologies may offer in 5, 10 or even 20 years?  At UniPrint, a large portion of my role is to advise on the development of our software solutions which includes constantly thinking about where technology is heading and how it will affect the printing industry.

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