Citrix Printing - User Case in Solving Remote VDI Printing Issues

By Arron Fu, CTO on February 18, 2015


As an increasing number of global enterprises move to centralize their IT infrastructures, remote printing across the vast geographical spread of operations frequently presents a formidable challenge to IT departments, such as those in a Citrix environment. This was the case with Standard Bank Offshore Group, a subsidiary of global giant Standard Bank. The Group has a varied client base that spans across operations in corporate, business, international, personal and private banking clients, With their data center centrally-located in Jersey, and a large user base dispersed across its Jersey, Isle of Man, London, Mauritius and Johannesburg offices that access the centralized servers, it is important that remote printing remains fast, reliable and secure.

However, this was not the case. The print traffic solution previously deployed by the Group failed to solve the reliability and speed issues, and printer management remained cumbersome. The Group received ongoing complaints about how their printing infrastructure was negatively impacting account management in their mixed thin and thick client Citrix VDI environment. Furthermore, there was a high volume of trusts being processed overseas entailing high volumes of confidential print that needed to be safeguarded. When the Group migrated to Citrix XenApp 6.5, it decided to upgrade their printing environment by deploying UniPrint Infinity, a future-proof software-based printing solution, to mitigate the slow printing speed and bandwidth issues they were facing when printing remotely.

UniPrint Infinity instantly enabled reliable printing to all of the remote offices. Its PDF generator compresses the size of print jobs by over 90%, eliminating bandwidth issues and allowing consistently fast and reliable printing across offices. Moreover, UniPrint’s universal printer driver simplified printer management by negating the need to install multiple manufacturer printer drivers. Its PrintPAL utility enabled centralized printer mapping, ensuring all users were always able to print to the correct local printer. In the end, Standard Bank Offshore Group was not only able to solve their remote printing problems, but also benefitted from simplified printer management, improved compliance and reduction of print costs. As a result, UniPrint Infinity provided a future-proof printing solution for the Group’s Citrix VDI environment.

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