Why Printing Still Matters

By Arron Fu, CTO on August 7, 2013


Who among us hasn’t imagined the future and what new technologies may offer in 5, 10 or even 20 years?  At UniPrint, a large portion of my role is to advise on the development of our software solutions which includes constantly thinking about where technology is heading and how it will affect the printing industry.

We’ve already seen a tremendous change over the past few years - not only in what types of items people print, but also, how they print.  The introduction of 3-D printing, as well as the need for users to print complex shapes with high resolution, is driving the industry to develop new technologies that will improve the form and function of what one can print.  Additionally, the growth of BYOD and the consumerization of IT have expanded the devices from which users can print, along with the challenges of how to easily and securely integrate new devices with legacy IT infrastructures that often include hundreds of different printers with their own driver and compatibility requirements.  Yet, even as mobile devices continue to evolve, printing is not typically part of the operating system and it should be as it will remain an important and necessary function for organizations.

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Printing is often not considered a top concern for IT departments – but it should be.  Printing can be a cause of potential data breaches and wasted resources – all pressing issues for CIOs today. Ultimately, printing technologies need to stay one step ahead of the progression of print enabled devices and provide organizations with the ability to:

  • Consistently meet global printing needs and reduce printing costs
  • Simplify IT management and deliver fast, consistent and seamless printing
  • Continually enhance printing functionalities
  • Deliver worry-free, follow-me printing capabilities on all platforms
  • Easily install and upgrade without losing previous configurations
  • Provide secure printing access from anywhere and any device

There are those who say that the days of printing are almost at an end.  But I see it differently.  Printing will continue to be an integral part of any business, but new technologies will change how and what we print.   When you envision the future and the potential of new printing technologies, what do you see?  How will future printing technologies change our world?  Only time will tell but for now, I hope you will follow our newly-launched blog as we explore the world of printing.  You may be surprised at how interesting printing can be.

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