Case Study Release: Foundations Health Solutions

Published: January 17, 2017

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, January 17, 2017: We are announcing our latest case study with Ohio-based Foundations Health Solutions.

For 15 years, Foundations Health Solutions has provided a comprehensive portfolio of management services to healthcare facilities throughout Ohio. In order to support its widespread network, Foundations utilizes Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to centrally manage and distribute applications to over 90 healthcare customers and approximately 5,500 users. Foundations also manages all network equipment, including devices and printers.

Printing and document management are critical, but Foundations found themselves spending excessive amounts of time dealing with printing issues and multiple printer drivers.

“Trying to maintain those drivers was an absolute nightmare,” said Todd Hall, CIO at Foundations. Supporting over 900 printers from a variety of manufacturers and spread across their wide network was impractical and inconvenient. Print spooler crashes were common, and remote locations were having frequent printing issues.

Foundations was in need of a cost-effective print management solution that would solve driver incompatibility issues while working within their RDS environment. They attempted to solve the problem using built-in and third-party technology, but eventually their search led them to UniPrint.

With the help of UniPrint Infinity, Foundations was able to shift their focus back to what really matters: helping facilities focus on patient care.

Learn more about the Foundations Health Solutions case study.

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