Update: Latest Version of UniPrint Infinity v9.0.6 is now available!

Published: December 2, 2016

UniPrint Infinity v9.0.6 is now Live!  Included in this release is the following:



               - New configuration options added to vPad CE web interface

               - Alternate Print Server detection method via DNS entry for vPad Pro/CE

               - Support for VMware Blast Extreme protocol (Contact support for additional information)

               - Option to enable AD caching for PrintPAL in large environments

               - Added retry on failed printer connections

               - Support for offline printing without Windows file and printer sharing ports opened

               - Removed Logscript transfer limit of 7 jobs per session


Bug fixes:

               - Driver crashes when printing documents with transparency in Excel and Outlook

               - Driver outputs blank print jobs when “Scale to fit” option is enabled

               - Incorrect output when re-rendering scanned PDFs in grayscale

               - Default publish options not applied to V4 printer drivers

               - Skewed banner display on Mac clients

               - Multiple instances of logscrpt.exe in user sessions

               - Issue with Print Route admin permission with certain AD group names

               - vPad not retrieving usernames with special characters correctly 

               - Email2Print issue where username was being used instead of email address

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