News Releases Case Study on Cloud Printing Software Deployment with Dutch IT Provider Rely

Published: October 31, 2016 Releases Case Study on Cloud Printing Software Deployment with Dutch IT Provider Rely

Toronto, ON, Canada, October 31, 2016 has released a case study detailing the solution which was deployed at Rely, an IT services company located in the Netherlands. Offering hosting services and IT solutions to the legal, non-profit, finance, and media sectors, Rely developed a cloud-based printing service they dubbed “The Print Server Solution” which aimed to provide reliable printing services to print-critical sectors such as notary companies and legal practices. Rely primarily used Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to facilitate this service, hosting hardware servers and applications from a fully-managed data center.

However, problems arose when Rely’s RDS solution provided excelled VDI service but lacked many printing features their legal clients needed. While printing via the cloud, print stream compression is vital in order to keep printing costs low. Additionally, legal offices have many issues surrounding confidentiality and security, therefore print data security such as secure pull printing and encryption are important features that Rely was not able to provide with their existing service. 

Rely determined that UniPrint Infinity was the ideal solution to bridge the gaps in their existing RDS framework, and began a pilot test to ensure that remote sites would not experience any stability or compatibility issues with the solution. Infinity’s PDF generator compressed print data by as much as 90%, saving bandwidth costs and promoting faster data transmission. The resulting increase in speed and ROI was a great benefit for Rely’s legal clients. Incompatibility issues were also eliminated by implementing UniPrint’s Universal Printer Driver (UPD). This simplified printer management both for Rely and their clients, with clients reporting no lost, corrupted, or partially completed print jobs.

Rely continues to use UniPrint Infinity as a part of their printing solution to provide their clients with fast, reliable, secure, on-demand printing within a VDI environment.

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