Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing

Based on UniPrint’s award-winning, patented Universal Printer Driver (UPD) and Virtual Print Infrastructure, the UniPrint Infinity™ software enables simple and reliable follow-the-user printing of any application (desktop, web or mobile) on any device (PC, tablet or other web-based device) to any printer (regardless of make or model, cloud-ready or not). UniPrint Infinity customers reap the benefits of simplified print management, enhanced printing functionality, improved document security, and reduced printing costs, all of which are keys to driving your business efficiency, competitiveness and success.

“Without a tool like UniPrint, if you are doing print redirection in a terminal server environment or printing in the cloud, you are going to have problems. When our clients ask if we offer a virtualized printing solution we mention UniPrint and they are often familiar with them. All of our printing headaches have been solved.” Brad Harrison, Director of Professional Services, NetGain Technologies, USA

Simple to Manage and Easy to Deploy

No more “driver mess” or print queue errors! At the core of UniPrint Infinity is our patented, PDF-based UniPrint Universal Printer Driver. By standardizing the languages of printers, UniPrint™ UPD replaces all manufacturer printer drivers thus negating the need to manage multiple printer drivers in any computing environment – Citrix, Microsoft RDS, VMware View and Cloud. Because IT administrators only need to install and manage one single printer driver on the Windows print server, their jobs are made much easier and less time consuming. UniPrint Infinity virtually eliminates all printer incompatibility issues that occur in cloud computing.

Improve Printing Speed over the Cloud

UniPrint Infinity is PDF based. By deploying UniPrint Print Servers in remote locations, print spool files will be converted and compressed as much as 90%, providing speedier printing with the added benefit of less network bandwidth usage.


All Clients Can Print to Any Printer, Anywhere

Through the UniPrint Print Server, UniPrint Infinity eliminates the need to install client software on user devices enabling clientless or zero client printing. UniPrint’s all-client capability promotes reliable and fast printing no matter where you are working in the Cloud.

With UniPrint Virtual Print Queue (VPQ), UniPrint Infinity adds “pull printing” or “follow-the-user printing” in Cloud Computing. Print commands sent to busy or non-functioning printers can be redirected to other available printers for immediate printing minimizing unnecessary work disruption caused by a printer bottleneck.

The result: All users connecting to any platform can print from any client device to any printer in any location across geographies.

Improve End User Printing Experience and Reduce Costs

UniPrint Infinity is a true UPD that supports any printer make or model. This gives organizations more freedom to choose printers in a cloud computing environment. Rather than dictating what printers your end users must standardize to print, UniPrint allows your clients (end users) to choose printers based on their specific business requirements, pick the “best-of-breed” hardware from any vendor, and enjoy the best end user experience in printing.