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UniPrint’s™ patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver platform and one Virtual Print Queue technology empower you to deliver your printing and document distribution needs with speed, accuracy, security, and value in any server-centric environment. From simple compliance documents to complex global transactions, financial and insurance companies count on UniPrint Infinity™ to manage their critical communications.

Customer Case Studies

Standard Bank | Citrix Printing Use Case

Standard Bank Deploys UniPrint™ to Provide Fast, Reliable Remote Printing for Its Offshore Group

Standard Bank Offshore Group provides offshore financial services from offices located in Jersey, Isle of Man, London, Mauritius, and Johannesburg. The Group’s data center and print servers are centralized in Jersey.  While remote printing is a critical business process, the offshore offices experienced ongoing bandwidth and slow printing issues causing compliance concerns.  When migrating to Citrix XenApp 6.5 in 2013, the Groups invited UniPrint to provide a future proof printing solution with security.  The resultant POC proved that UniPrint did not only eliminate the Groups’ remote printing challenges, providing consistently fast printing, simplifying printer management and improving print security, but also saved printing costs through elimination of aborted and incomplete print jobs. 

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Lockton Companies LLP | VDI Printing Use Case

Lockton Selects UniPrint Infinity™ to Simplify Remote Printing in a VDI Environment

Lockton is the world’s largest privately owned insurance brokerage firm providing insurance, risk management, and employee benefits solutions globally.   The large number of users and devices, multiple system interfaces, diverse range of apps, and dispersed operational locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa made print management an almost impossible task for IT in their VDI environment. By deploying UniPrint Infinity, Lockton eliminated the print management problems thereby drastically reducing printing support calls, and sped up the printing process across their complex environments.

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Lincoln Financial Group | Citrix Printing Use Case

Lincoln Financial Group Benefits from the UniPrint™ "set it and forget it" Printing Solution

With over 90 production Citrix Presentation Servers, and a broad network after a recent merger, Lincoln Financial Group (USA) required a simplified method to manage printing to its end users. After testing UniPrint alongside another printing solution, Lincoln decided to standardize printing with UniPrint’s Universal Printer Driver, as they found UniPrint to be the superior product in terms of installation, performance, use, support and pricing. 

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