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UniPrint Infinity’s™ Healthcare Printing Suite (HPS) enables speedy, error-free, and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications with 100% uptime in Citrix, Microsoft and VMware View environments. Deploying the UniPrint Infinity HPS, hospitals and health organizations benefit from optimized clinical workflows, reduced printing costs, and improved quality of patient care while eliminating data breaches when printing.

Customer Case Studies

SJH | Citrix Meditech Printing Use Case

UniPrint™ Saves Clinician Time and Improves Patient Care with Secure, On-demand Printing for St. Joseph Health

St. Joseph Health (SJH) provides a continuum of care in Northern and Southern California, West Texas, and Eastern New Mexico (USA). It employs over 24,000 professionals and has $5 billion in annual revenue. When SJH was rolling out Meditech with Citrix, it encountered printer mapping and driver issues that stalled the project. In 2013, UniPrint was asked to solve the problems using the Emergency Department in Orange County as the pilot group. After understanding how Meditech works, UniPrint created a Smart Route Printing Module that solved the printer mapping issues within 2 weeks. In addition to reducing help desk calls by 75%, UniPrint helped to give time back to the caregivers.

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Sunrise Health Region | Allscripts Printing Use Case

Sunrise Health Region Safeguards Patient Confidentiality with UniPrint Infinity™

Sunrise Health Region (SHR) is one of 13 health regions in the province of Saskatchewan (Canada) delivering quality healthcare to approximately 60,000 people through 22 facilities. When planning to centralize the clinical apps across all health regions with Citrix, and connecting its own server farm to the centralized Citrix farm, SHR identified printer driver and mapping issues, as well as patient data confidentiality concerns. In 2011 UniPrint was asked to solve the issues. Working closely with SHR, UniPrint created the Secure Printing Module: one simple solution that solved all 3 problems.

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Foundations Health Solutions - Healthcare RDS Printing Use Case

Foundations Health Solutions Delivers Fast, Reliable RDS Printing with UniPrint Infinity

Foundations Health provides the operational, financial and employee management services that allow facility managers to keep their focus on patient health, knowing that necessary administrative, compliance and regulatory activities are being professionally managed.To support its highly dispersed network, Foundations deploys Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to centralize management and distribute applications to more than 90 multifaceted healthcare providers. To eliminate their printing problems, Foundations searched for a cost-effective print management solution that would solve driver incompatibility issues associated with RDS environments and could fit within their budget. Using UniPrint Infinity, Foundations was able to resolve remote printing challenges locally, and deliver fast, reliable print jobs from any geo-location to any printer.

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ECRMC | VMware Printing Use Case

El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) Relies on UniPrint Infinity™ to Provide Simple, Secure Printing to Physicians Through VMware Virtual Desktops

ECRMC is an acute-care medical center serving the healthcare needs of the Imperial Valley area of California (USA). Their health network includes 100 physicians’ offices, with an average of five staff per office. 95% of ECRMC’s printing output revolves around remote printing of lab results in physicians’ offices. With hundreds of heterogeneous user devices and printers dispersed over multiple locations provisioned over VM virtual desktops, ECRMC was facing a huge headache when it came to printer management and help desk support calls. Through the use of UniPrint’s Universal Printer Driver, along with the PrintPal printer mapping utility, printer management and printing became so simple that help desk printing support dropped to 1-2 calls per week.

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MUSC | McKesson & Cerner Printing Use Case

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Streamlines its Application Printing Functionality with UniPrint™

MUSC (USA) is a premier academic health center known for excellence in education, biomedical research, and patient care. Through Citrix, their IT network links over 14,000 PCs, Macs and laptops connecting to various platforms and customized applications locally and remotely. Users have unique printing requirements, ranging from prescription labels and nurse’s notes, to patient medical records and financial reports. Printing was critical to MUSC’s workflow but IT was inundated with printer management and unreliable printing issues. UniPrint Infinity™ solved these problems, providing simplified printer management, fast and reliable printing, and responsive technical support.

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VON Canada | Citrix Printing Use Case

UniPrint™ Cures VON Canada’s Printing Pain

Victorian Order of Nurses (Canada) is a not-for-profit charitable home and community care organization offering a wide range of healthcare solutions. Their network of more than 50 sites delivered services in 1,300 communities with the help of 16,000 staff and volunteers. With a significant number of VON Canada employees working from home or other remote locations, there were no set standards for printers on the network. From servers not responding, to clients not being able to print, it was a challenge identifying the printing problems. UniPrint provided a reliable printing solution that significantly reduced the amount of time spent by administrators investigating and solving print-related issues. 

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