Microsoft Terminal Server Printing (RDS)

Client-Server Printing in Microsoft Terminal Server Environments

UniPrint Infinity™ is the total printing solution for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. Through the use of UniPrint’s patented Universal Printer Driver, print jobs are encrypted and compressed into much smaller PDF files, promoting consistently fast RDS printing and secure delivery across platforms from any geo location.

At the same time, UniPrint Infinity makes printer deployment and management much simpler. RDS printing has never been easier, more stable and cost effective.

Also see UniPrint Infinity vPad Print Appliances, which can replace remote site Windows print servers.

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Key Benefits

  • Supports thin and thick, local and remote clients connecting to Microsoft Remote Desktop Servers
  • Jobs print quickly and securely from local or remote clients
  • Solves all printer driver incompatibility issues and enhances server stability
  • Converts print data into PDF files, reducing bandwidth consumption by over 90%
  • Remote deployment and centralized management across the network
  • Enables clientless printing to networked printers
  • Provides end-to-end print data protection

Improving Server Stability

UniPrint Infinity is designed for any computing environment and is especially suitable for RDS. UniPrint's Universal Printer Driver replaces all manufacturer printer drivers on the Microsoft Terminal Server, eliminating instability issues frequently found when printing in RDS environments. For full redundancy and fault tolerance, UniPrint Infinity features a High Availability (HA) Module that duplicates both the bridge and the print servers and also supports Microsoft clustering, ensuring maximum uptime for your printing system. 

Remote Deployment and Centralized Management

Administrators can remotely deploy any UniPrint component using Active Directory Group Policy. Once UniPrint Infinity has been installed, centralized printer management can be accomplished through the UniPrint Management Console from any UniPrint server component.


Fast Printing and Secure Delivery

UniPrint’s proprietary Bi-directional Information eXchange Protocol (BIXP) provides a direct and encrypted channel for the speedy transfer of compressed PDF print data, enabling secure delivery, faster print speed, as well as real-time printer status updates.

Optimizing Bandwidth Availability

Typically print jobs are sent as uncompressed RAW or EMF data across limited bandwidth connections, which often slows down RDS printing and can bring application access to a halt. With UniPrint Infinity, print data is compressed by over 90% into PDF-based print jobs. Not only is the print job size significantly reduced, but now users can preview, e-mail or archive the print job in PDF format.

Enabling Printing for All Clients

UniPrint Infinity enhances printing in heterogeneous client environments. By using emulated print queues shared from the UniPrint Bridge, UniPrint Infinity removes the need for printer driver installation on both client machines and Microsoft Terminal Servers and isolates them on a Print Server. Thin/thick clients are able to print clientlessly to the Print Server using UniPrint emulated queues.