Printing for Cloud Hosting (SaaS)

uniprint infinity cloud printing case studies


UniPrint Infinity™ is an agnostic solution that provides worry-free, secure mobile cloud printing from any user device, to any printer, across any platform, on any network.  Its flexibility, ease-of-use and management, and quick deployment make UniPrint Infinity the printing solution of choice for cloud hosting/SaaS providers.

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Customer Case Studies

TEAM Software | Cloud SaaS Printing Use Case

TEAM Software Helps Clients Increase Workflow Efficiency using UniPrint Infinity

TEAM Software, a fully integrated, cloud-based ERP software solution provdies leading edge financial, operations and workforce management components that work together to streamline business processes and deliver a complete picture of profitability for their clients.

Their clients need consistent access to stable printing and accurately formatted documents no matter where they are – at the office, in the field, on the job site or at home. 

They were keen to find a print management solution that would support clients’ varied and customized printing requirements without draining the team responsible for providing IT support. 

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Rely | Managed Service Provider Printing Use Case

Rely As A Service Deploys UniPrint To Provide Reliable Cloud Printing Services To Legal Practices

Rely as a service (Netherlands) is a leading IT services company that offers hosting and IT services to legal, non-profit, finance and media sectors.To facilitate and distribute this service, Rely hosts the hardware servers and apps from a fully managed data centre in Amsterdam and use Microsoft RDS for distribution of application printing functionality. Rely found that although RDS is a great VDI platform for distributed branch setups, it lacked essential features when printing via the cloud, including print data compression. Because the print files are too large to process, print jobs arrived heavily delayed or corrupted. After making a switch to UniPrint Infinity, Rely saw improve performance in security and on-demand printing functionality which their previous print vendor was unable to provide. 

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Netgain | RDS Printing Use Case

Netgain Teams with UniPrint™ to Bring Reliable, Flexible, and Simple Printing to Hosted Clients

Netgain (USA) is a healthcare IT provider offering outsourced solutions for complex IT deployments, hosted electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management systems to healthcare organizations and private practices.  The large number of varied client environments, sessions and software apps within their Microsoft Remote Desktop Services environments caused huge incompatibility and printer management issues and constant print control system crashes, which led to security and compliance concerns.  UniPrint’s PDF-based Universal Printer Driver eliminated incompatibility issues, simplified printer management, solved location printing issues and improved security around the printing of sensitive health information. 

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Partner Solutions | VDI Printing Use Case

Partner Solutions Ensures Bulletproof Printing Service for Insurance Brokerages with UniPrint Infinity™

Partner Solutions (Canada) is the application solution services provider for medium and large insurance brokerages across Canada.  Whereas on-demand printing and high level of accuracy are pre-requisites, their previous printing solution failed on both scores.  Their inability to solve printer driver incompatibility issues, which were caused by the large number of connected but dissimilar printers, created server instability and unreliable printing.  After switching to UniPrint Infinity, Partner Solutions immediately saw improved performance of printing applications as well as reduced requirements for printer management, and solidified their reputation as a provider of reliable hosted services.

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