Product Literature

UniPrint Infinity™ v9 Product Overview

UniPrint Infinity v9 is the next-generation enterprise print management solution for the mobility and security movement.  The software replaces all manufacturer printer drivers with a single PDF-based universal print driver simplifying printer management and enabling anywhere, anytime, any device secure pull printing across platforms. The UniPrint Infinity Suite also comes with Apple iOS/OSX Printing, Email2Print, Delegate Printing, SmartPrint and High Availability Modules.

UniPrint Infinity™ Healthcare Printing Suite

UniPrint Infinity™ Healthcare Printing Suite enables fast, error-free and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications with 100% uptime. The suite comprises of 3 modules - Smart Route Printing, Smart Label Printing and High Availability. Health organizations can optimize clinical workflow and improve quality of patient care, while complying with industry regulations.

UniPrint Imprivata Secure Healthcare Solution

By integrating the UniPrint Infinity™ Healthcare Printing Suite with the Imprivata OneSign Print Connector, UniPrint‘s Universal Printer Driver (UPD) and Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) leverages Imprivata OneSign’s clinical identity and authentication policy management capabilities and offers error-free, secure mobile printing on demand.

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An Overview of 3 vPad Print Appliances

UniPrint Infinity™ vPads (CE, Touch, Pro) are multi-purpose print appliances specifically designed to enable on-demand secure pull printing and/or fast and low maintenance remote printing, while the UniPrint Infinity printing software is deployed. The vPads can also replace a remote site Windows print server, allowing it to be consolidated into the data center.

vPad Pro Print Appliance

UniPrint Infinity™ vPad Pro is a multi-purpose network print appliance. The device enables dual print security through PDF encryption and user-authenticated pull printing, while the UniPrint Infinity printing software is deployed. It can also replace print servers in remote locations and, by allowing print stream compression, solves remote printing bandwidth issues that frequently occur with print server centralization initiatives.

vPad CE for Print Stream Compression

UniPrint Infinity™ vPad CE is a print appliance that is designed to facilitate print stream compression, solving bandwidth issues and promoting consistently fast remote printing across geographical locations, when deployed with the UniPrint Infinity™ software. The device can replace a remote site Windows print server allowing it to be consolidated into the data center, thereby saving hardware and support costs.

High Availability Module

UniPrint Infinity’s High Availability Module eliminates any single point of failure in a printing system ensuring maximum printing service uptime. With the additional capability of load balancing, you can also be assured that printing will remain fast and efficient in any enterprise environment.


An advanced feature of the UniPrint Infinity™ printing solution, the PrintPAL printer mapping utility allows network administrators to create rules to easily assign printers to specific user profiles.  PrintPAL ensures that users are always assigned with the correct printer whenever and wherever they are working.

Printer Profiles

An advanced feature of the UniPrint Infinity printing solution, the Printer Profiles utility enables IT administrators to create profiles per printer or driver.  The profiles can contain a single or group of special settings which can be applied when a user prints.  Printer Profiles allows UniPrint Infinity customers to move to a universal printer driver solution without losing the advanced printer properties of multifunction printers.

VPQ Connectors for Multifunction Printers

UniPrint™ VPQ Connectors enables seamless integration of the UniPrint Infinity Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) technology with Xerox, Samsung, HP and Brother multifunction printers (MFPs). Users can release print jobs securely and on demand to any printer anywhere within the organization’s multi-vendor printer environment, while saving the organization money,  reducing energy expenditures and improving security.

Statistics & Archiving

Included with UniPrint Infinity are a number of standard features like statistics & archiving and printer profiles that can be used to accomplish both organizational environmental and cost-saving goals by focusing on reducing printing waste.

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Secure Pull Printing

Secure pull printing helps enterprises to eliminate possible damages associated with security breaches, or corporate espionage resulting from sensitive documents being left in the printer trays unattended, or picked up and viewed by unauthorized personnel.

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