Product & Support Life Cycles

Support Life Cycle strives to provide high quality support services and expertise to help keep your UniPrint™ environment running efficiently. To help ensure you're receiving this, has established a Support Life Cycle process.

The UniPrint Support Life Cycle defines the duration and levels of support customers will receive as products move through their life cycle. This information will assist in the management of support needs and future software upgrades.

The three phases of the UniPrint Support Life Cycle are:

Fully Supported Phase

During this phase support is limited to critical defects. Defect resolution may include workarounds or software patches. New patches will be released only to resolve critical defects, or as otherwise determined by at its own discretion. The fully supported phase is in effect while a Major Release is still available to download or to purchase.

When announces the release of a new Major Release all older versions of that product immediately will move into the transition support Phase.

In Transition Support Phase

The six month transition support phase begins when the fully supported phase ends. During the in transition support phase, no new software patches or hot fixes will be released. Support will help customers resolve their problems by recommending solutions and providing previously released patches that have worked for other customers with similar problems. If a problem cannot be fixed using these recommendations, the customers should consider upgrading to the current version of the product.

Unsupported Phase

Product enters the unsupported phase at the end of the six months transition support phase. During the unsupported phase,'s Support offerings are limited to:

  • Technical information found on the Web site.
  • Previously released software patches.
  • Extended Support agreements are available at an additional fee under separate agreement from Any such agreement from for extending Support during the Unsupported Phase would be negotiated individually based on the customer's needs. Contact for more details,

Product Life Cycle

The UniPrint Product Life Cycle defines the duration and levels of support customers will receive as products move through their life cycle. Product Life Cycle end dates for each phase are determined by the next Major release.

Major Release

  • Major product features or a complete new product line.
  • Denoted by a change in the release number, for example 6.0 to 7.0.

Minor Release

  • Minor product improvements, proactive fixes including all Service Packs previously released.
  • Denoted by a change in the second digit of the release number, for example 7.0 to 7.1.

Service Packs & Hotfixes

  • Product defect fixes, released as needed to rectify customer issues, including selected Hotfixes previously released (full QA testing cycle).
  • May require re-installing the application.
  • Denoted by a change in the third digit of the release number, for example 7.0.1 to 7.0.2.
  • Product defect fixes provided to individual customers to rectify critical customer issues and escalations (limited QA testing, based on conditions).
  • Does not require re-installing the application.
  • Denoted by a six digit code (release date: ddmmyy)

Click here for a list of currently supported products and their corresponding support phase end dates.

Definitions and Additional Terms

  1. For purposes of support, a "UniPrint Product" is a software product developed by Generally, a UniPrint Product release type is identified by the release number (i.e. 6.x to 7.0 = Major release; 7.0 to 7.1 = Minor release; 7.0 to 7.0.1 = Service Pack; 6-digit code = Hot Fix).
  2. The following are excluded from's support and maintenance: Evaluation software or other software provided at no charge by
  3. A "critical defect" is defined as a problem with a UniPrint Software Product that prevents the product from working as designed causing the performance of any one or more mission-critical program functions to be severely impacted, and for which no acceptable workaround exists.
  4. This product life cycle policy is effective as of May 1, 2004 and only applies to currently supported products as of that date. Products that are not supported as of May 1, 2004 will remain unsupported.