Serverless Printing Solution

Eliminate Your Print Servers & Optimize Your IT Costs

Did you know the typical employee uses 10,000 to 20,000 sheets of paper per year and costs a company, on average, between $600 and $1300 per year?

Organizations who are looking to reduce their IT costs, could easily look no further than eliminating their print servers. Server consolidation. Server virtualization. The end result is the same.

Serverless printing enables direct IP printing from workstations to network printers, which removes the complicated setup of having a dedicated print server for printing purposes. Not only is it cost effective due to less software and backup server costs, but elminating the physical print servers from your server rooms will save you a lot of money.

Some vendors have estimated that annual support costs on Windows servers can be as high as $5000 a year per server. This is why UniPrint’s Serverless Printing Solution could be a great fit for your enterprise print environment. 

Print Serverless Printing

By integrating server-less printing into UniPrint Infinity, it is now possible to manage your Windows printing, VMWare VDI or Citrix XA/XD environment under one management platform without remote print servers. This enterprise print management solution is perfect for large organizations as most have  “hybrid” computing environments. It is also an ideal print solution for organizations migrating towards a virtualized environment or cloud computing environment. 

Print Management

Issues with print driver maintenance and figuring out how to properly configure your printing environment has always been a huge struggle for system administrators.

As there are no remote print servers this feature is focused on driver packaging, distribution and management as well as printer management on the end user’s workstation.

Our PrintPAL functionality will still use UniPrint Infinity’s classic Universal Printer Driver (UPD) based print solution and further add-on modules that allows for the management of IP direct/print server-less printers.

The existing PrintPAL functionality in combination with direct IP printing under one management platform will allow administrators to remotely deploy printers to client workstations based on several criteria that is specific to the user, including username, endpoint name, organizational unit, and IP address range.

Features & Benefits

  • Print traffic remains local to the user where  the print job originates
  • No single point of failure
  • Deploying updated drivers to the entire environment now can be at users’ own pace
  • Seamless implementation into any environment
  • End users can now use vendor’s native driver interface, enabling the use of all the printer capabilities without the need for a system admin to create printer profiles
  • Printers can be directly accessible from the end user’s workstation