Zero / Thin Client Printing

Zero & Thin Client Printing

Thin clients and zero clients are increasingly deployed across industry sectors for good reasons. Thin/zero clients offer a low-cost, PC-like user experience with better manageability, scalability and security. They are especially beneficial for industry sectors where security and compliance are at a premium, such as healthcare, banking and finance and governments.

UniPrint Infinity™ is a software-based printing solution designed to enhance the benefits of thin/zero client architecture, by providing fast and efficient printing to all clients across platforms, printer hardware, locations and geographies. Whether their device is Windows-based or Linux-based, thin/zero client users can enjoy seamless printing across their network.

Support for Thick or Thin Clients

Based on UniPrint’s patented Universal Printer Driver (UPD) technology and Virtual Print Architecture, UniPrint Infinity negates the need to install client software on user devices in any computing environment – including Citrix, RDS, VDI, and Cloud. Through its UniPrint™ Print Server, UniPrint Infinity processes print jobs on behalf of thin/zero clients, such that client software isn’t required on the client devices.

Functionality & Benefits

Installing UniPrint Print Server on network print servers,UniPrint Infinity allows thin/zero client users to print to any gateway printers and enjoy all the other benefits of UniPrint Infinity. 

UniPrint UPD is standard in UniPrint Infinity, and also functions as a PDF generator. By compressing and converting print spool files into PDF, as much as 90% print data traffic can be reduced, ultimately promoting faster printing and bandwidth saving. 

The result: Fast and seamless printing whether you are working on your Wyse thin client device from home or IGEL zero client in the office.