VDI Printing

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Printing

UniPrint Infinity™ is the printing solution for any virtual desktop environment, be it Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, VMware View or Microsoft Hyper-V. UniPrint's PDF-based Universal Printer Driver (UPD) eliminates the need to install multiple printer vendor drivers on each virtual desktop image, greatly simplifying VDI printer management. Printer driver incompatibility is no longer an issue, making administration easy. When a VDI user prints to a UniPrint printer, print jobs are compressed into much smaller PDF files, and redirected to the user’s locally-attached printer or to a network printer installed on a print server - VDI location-based printing has never been simpler.

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Key Benefits

  • Supports thin and thick, local and remote clients connecting to VDI environments
  • Supports VDI printing over PCoIP on VMware Horizon with View
  • Solves all printer driver incompatibility issues and enhances server stability
  • Converts print data to PDF files, saving over 90% bandwidth consumption
  • Allows centralized management across the network
  • Enables location-based clientless printing to networked printers
  • Provides end-to-end print data encryption

Extending the Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to Printing

VDI allows organizations to centralize control over desktop deployment and minimize administration costs, while allowing users full access to their desktop applications. UniPrint Infinity extends the benefits of VDI to printing, IT administrators need only to install one printer driver on the "golden image", regardless of the printer make or model, at home or at remote sites.

Advanced Technology Simplified

UniPrint's universal printer driver fully supports and is supported by all virtualization technologies.  A "golden image" can remain free and clear of printer driver clutter with the use of UniPrint's universal printer driver, driving all printer processes to remote print servers and physically attached printers on client workstations.

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Ease of Administration

Managing printer drivers in virtual desktop environments with a remote workforce is a challenging task for any IT department. UniPrint Infinity is designed to function within any environment, and allows users to print to any printer located on a print server or physically attached to client workstations. Administrators can easily deploy the software through an Active Directory Group Policy and manage the printing environment through the UniPrint Management Console.

Optimizing Bandwidth Availability

Typically print jobs are sent as uncompressed RAW or EMF data across limited bandwidth connections which often slow down printing, and can bring application access to a halt.  With UniPrint Infinity, print data is compressed by as much as 90% into PDF-based print jobs. Not only is the print job size significantly reduced, but now users can preview, e-mail or archive the print job in PDF format.