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How to Leverage Virtual Printing in a Healthcare Citrix VDI Environment

This white paper outlines practical considerations in leveraging virtual printing solutions such as secure pull printing, high availability, rule-based printing, label printing etc. in a healthcare VDI environment.

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Secure Cloud Printing For Microsoft Office 365 And Azure

This white paper outlines practical considerations in achieving a secure cloud printing infrastructure for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Cloud environments.

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Achieving a Secure Print Infrastructure

Achieving secure printing for confidential documents is an ongoing consideration for all responsible and compliant IT departments. This white paper seeks to address the challenges and considerations, ramifications and benefits of achieving a sustainable, solid, demonstrable print infrastructure, otherwise termed as achieving a state of secure print.

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Why Print Management: The Hidden Costs of Printing - Hints and Tips to Reducing Print Costs

Gartner estimates that printing costs tally up to 3% of a company’s revenue.  This paper spells out the typical categories of print expenditure and practical tips to reduce print costs overnight.

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Considerations of Remote Printing for Today’s Workforce: Achieving Anywhere, Any Device Printing

This white paper outlines the challenges of moving user sessions from local to remote printers, through a centralized data center, in a mixed client platform.

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Print File Formats: A Comparative Analysis of EMF, OpenXPS and PDF for Enterprise Printing

The purpose of this white paper is to provide a technical comparison and analysis of each of the three most widely adopted print file formats within Universal Printer Driver (UPD) solutions, and how they influence printing performance in enterprise computing environments.

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