CP-1 For Healthcare Referral Management


Secure, efficient processes for all your documentation.

You receive documents in several different ways—paper, email, secure FTP and even fax. With modern technology like CP-1, you can improve these workflows and reduce your printing needs.

What does CP-1 do to improve document workflows for healthcare offices?

CP-1 was designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Regardless of the inbound format of received documents, CP-1 does the heavy lifting, using machine learning and optical character recognition. CP-1 can classify, organize, separate, and extract, even taking care of exception handling. This is a complete solution for the modern healthcare office.

What you get with CP-1

  • Document review
  • Duplicate detection
  • Fax back
  • Audit trail
  • Repository
  • ADT interfacing
  • Interface orders
  • Reporting
  • English/French interface
  • Workflow and notifications
  • OCR and machine learning

“The irritating thing is I’m getting as much faxed paperwork as I did a decade or two ago,” said Dr. Thomas Lee, chief medical officer of Press Ganey Associates. “I don’t particularly want someone to send me faxes telling me everything that’s happened, because there’s no way I can absorb all that information.”

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How CP-1 helps healthcare practices

Modern healthcare is stuck in two worlds—the digital world and the analog world. Unfortunately, it will be a while before analog paperwork phases out completely. In the meantime, CP-1 can help bridge the gap, making it far easier for healthcare providers to maintain security and efficiency.

Improved Patient Care

Fewer Document Errors

Lower Overall Costs

Automate Document Handling

Ensure Patient Confidentiality

Easier Workflow for Employees

A practical example: Pull Printing in Action

Pull printing solves a simple but critical problem. In the healthcare industry, one cannot simply send a document that includes sensitive patient information to a shared printer. There’s no security in that. Pull printing addresses this issue by “holding” print jobs either on the server (server-based printing) or on a user’s workstation (serverless printing) until the user releases the document from the printing device. Pull printing is the perfect blend of convenience and security. This is the kind of innovation Process Fusion’s CP-1 brings to healthcare providers.

Webinar: Build a Paperless Incoming Fax Workflow

CP-1 Healthcare Case Studies


Mackenzie health transforms diagnostic image process

Mackenzie Health turned to Process Fusion to create a fully customized workflow application that captures and routes faxed requisitions and adds intelligence to the process to gather meaningful information. Process Fusion’s solution added convenience and speed, improved governance, boosted team collaboration, and provided future-proofing.


St. Mary’s General Hospital brings efficiency to report distribution

The St. Mary’s General Hospital team worked with Process Fusion to address several internal inefficiencies, including a high volume of paper usage, issues with automated reporting, scanning processes and a general over-commitment of employee time required to handle documentation. CP-1’s solution improved overall collaboration, enhanced productivity, and lowered the hospital’s carbon footprint.

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