Campus Printing Services: 4 Benefits of Deploying Cloud Printing for Students

campus printing services 4 benefits of deploying cloud printing for students

Today’s college and university students are a mobile generation. Did you know almost 81% of undergraduate students are using smartphones and tablets for studying and completing work while on campus.

Students are constantly on the go and you won’t find any student without a mobile device.

This shift to a “mobile” generation has changed what students are expecting when they arrive on campus. With mobile devices they can access whatever they want, wherever they are, whenever they need.

That being said, there are certain necessities on campus, like campus printing, that need to be deployed, in order to compliment the mobile generation. & Citrix at HIMSS 2018: Better Together & Citrix at HIMSS 2018 Better Together

UniPrint Infinity’s Healthcare Printing Suite (HPS) enables speedy, error-free, and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications, with 100% uptime. HPS integrates seamlessly into any VDI or EMR/EMH application to simplify printer management, improve patient data security, and reduce wait times.

UniPrint Infinity uses its patented PDF-based Universal Printer Driver (UPD), which eliminates the need to install multiple printer drivers on multiple machines. It also utilizes a singular, secure Virtual Print Queue (VPQ) which requires user authentication to release print jobs.