Print Serverless Printing: Is it Right for your IT Environment?

Serverless printing enables direct Internet Protocol (IP) printing from computers to network printers. Each workstation is configured to connect directly to each printer with each corresponding printer driver.

This type of setup removes the complication of having a piece of dedicated server for printer purposes, but is it right for your print environment?

5 Reasons Why You Should Deploy Secure Pull Printing

It is no surprise that technology and software will always have holes that hackers want to exploit. With increasing security concerns surrounding hackers and data leakage, it’s no surprise organizations are beginning to beef up their IT security, with one of them being secure printing.

You can think of secure pull printing as a two-step process for your it printing environment. The first step being that a user sends a print job to a printer. The second part, is the authentication and release of the actual print document at the printer. Essentially, your print job will follow you wherever you go, allowing you to pick up a print job wherever and whenever you want.

Citrix Printing Solutions: Why You Should Reconsider Using the Citrix UPD

Citrix Printing Solutions Why You Should Reconsider Using the Citrix UPD

When talking to people about printing in a Citrix world, many customers I have come across will ask, “why do I need UniPrint Infinity when I have Citrix UPD?”

My answer is always the same: “Citrix is not a print software company”. This seems obvious, so why is it so important to remember? To answer this, we have to venture back to the root cause of printing issues in Citrix, or more to the point: printing issues in Microsoft.