Secure Cloud Printing: How to Ensure Security in your Cloud Environment

How to Ensure Secure Cloud Printing for Your Enterprise Environment

Without a doubt, Cloud printing is becoming a must in today’s enterprise work environment.

Most industries are relying more on cloud computing and its widespread adoption is causing major shifts in how companies manage and use their data.

Cloud printing is beneficial for large enterprises with many remote locations and users who bring their own mobile devices. Many of these institutions connect thousands of devices and printers, sometimes across multiple locations.

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The Value of EMR Healthcare Solutions & VDI Printing Software

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a digital version of a patient’s medical history and are integral to the healthcare industry and their patients.

While VDI technology allows for faster and more secure access to EMR healthcare solutions and applications for roaming hospital users, location based printing is still problematic.

See why the use of EMR healthcare solutions and VDI printing software are an integral to the healthcare industry and their patients.