Cloud Printing Solutions For IT Managed Service Providers

In today’s Cloud Hosting industry, on-demand printing and high levels of accuracy are pre-requisites for MSPs to be a provider of reliable hosted services.

This infographic illustrates UniPrint Infinity’s™ cloud printing solution that provides worry-free, secure mobile cloud printing from any user device, to any printer, across any platform, on any network.

Its flexibility, ease-of-use and management, and quick deployment make UniPrint Infinity the printing solution of choice for cloud hosting & SaaS providers.

Protected: EMR Print Management – Epic Printing Problems & Solutions

For those working in the healthcare industry know, Epic boasts some of the most widely used EMR software solutions for hospital and healthcare organizations and an Epic printing solution can be very valuable, if it were easy to install, manage and most of all easy to maintain. This is especially true in an Epic-hosted VDI environment.

While VDI technology has allowed for fast and secure access to Epic applications for roaming healthcare users, location-based printing can still be problematic. The larger the hospital or healthcare organization, the harder it becomes to deliver fast and reliable printing output such as physician orders, prescription labels, patient wristbands, and other important documents.