3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Print Analytics

3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Print AnalyticsIn companies deploying complex enterprise printing environments, senior officers are constantly looking for ways to save money and reduce the burden of print management placed on the IT department.

This is where print analytics comes into the picture! Print analytics allows organizations to better understand the processes and effects related to document printing, and provides a comprehensive look at the impact that printing has on multiple levels.

EHR Security Risks: Healthcare Printing is Rising & So Are The Risks

EHR Security Risks: Healthcare Printing is Rising & So Are The Risks

With digital transformation that is taking place in today’s world, every industry is looking for ways to enhance efficiency and maximize productivity through the effective implementation of technology.

The healthcare industry is no exception!

The nature of the healthcare industry makes it a fast-paced working environment, with medical professionals requiring up to the minute patient data.

This is where the electronic health record (EHR) came into the picture!

Cloud Security: How Secure are your Files in the Cloud?


When searching for options to store their files and documents, enterprises are often presented with two primary options: on-premises infrastructure and public cloud.

In general, storage using on-premises infrastructure involves hosting data centers, servers, and associated hardware, on site, at the workplace, hence “on-premise”!

Usage of the Cloud, on the other hand, involves the storage and access of files and documents through the internet, typically stored at multiple remote locations owned by cloud service providers (CSP).

When looking at both on-premises and cloud storage options from a security standpoint, the general notion is that on-premises is much more secure, as an enterprise can control, tighten, and administer security measures as they wish.

However, can the same be said about the cloud?

Are you preventing digital transformation as the Chief Operating Officer?


Enterprises in today’s technology driven world are rapidly undergoing digital transformation.

However, for some companies, there are numerous obstacles in the path to achieving complete digital transformation.

Higher level executives in certain organizations may tend to object to digital transformation, and prevent the company from embracing this change and going digital.

Often times, a lack of sufficient technical knowledge is the reason behind such resistance.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the concerns that chief operating officers (COO) have around digital transformation, and how those concerns can be answered, along with possible ways to end and overcome resistance to digital transformation!

PDF Solutions: How the PDF is the old digital world made new again


When was the last time you opened a PDF document? Chances are, not too long ago at all!

In today’s digital world, the shift from hardcopies to digital media is as apparent as ever.

With books, magazines, journals, and all sorts of written and graphic information being digitized, the PDF has established itself as a leader in this industry-changing era.