Green IT: The Value of Green Computing and How to Adopt It

Green IT The Value of Green Computing and How to Adopt It

The case for green IT is stronger than ever. With Gartner predicting that sustainability will be a top priority for most major Western Europe and North American companies, companies are now understanding that green IT will save them money and increase their value in the marketplace.

Green computing (or green IT) is when companies manufacture, use, and dispose of computers, servers, and other hardware in environmentally friendly ways. Practices are focused on reducing energy consumption and disposing of equipment in responsible ways.

Most computers and hardware require special handling and disposable as they contain toxic substances that can contaminate soil and water if left in landfills, or pollute the air if incinerated.

Endpoint Security: 6 Areas Cyber Attacked Printers Can Affect Your Business

Endpoint Security 6 Areas Cyber Attacked Printers Can Affect Your Business

Like many endpoints, printers have the same vulnerabilities and offer access into company financials and private data, and are often unsecured – so why aren’t IT personnel taking notice of the threat?

In the past year, 40% of Canadian organizations had experienced an IT security breach, and 56% of those breaches were print related.

With the majority of security breaches happening as a result of printers, it’s clear that printer security is an afterthought for organizations.

3 Steps: How to Select the Right Pull Printing Vendor

3 Steps How to select the right pull printing vendor

Pull printing technology has become a must have solution for enterprises seeking an additional layer of security to protect their print infrastructure.

In today’s complex technological landscape, other factors like the cloud and print security are disrupting the market, and resulting a new emergence of pull printing solutions.

With the surge of solutions now available and offered by so many vendors, it becomes hard to navigate and overwhelming to select the best solution.

Cloud Deployment: 3 Reasons Cloud Printing Complements Your Strategy

Cloud Deployment 3 Reasons Cloud Printing Complements Your Strategy

Today, many companies have moved their IT operations into the Cloud. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020, non-cloud based companies will be as irrelevant as non-internet companies are today.

The reasons why the upward trend of companies moving towards the cloud has never been clearer. Cloud computing offers unique reduced IT expenses and improved efficiencies. This shift has changed many legacy IT environments and business systems.

We all know that the cloud and virtualized desktop infrastructures improve workflow, reduces costs and frees up IT resources, but what about printers and printing paper?