How Enterprises Can Improve Security Awareness Through Culture

How Enterprises Can Improve Security Awareness Through CultureAs life-changing advancements in technology create drastic changes across enterprise environments, new technology has brought about new and innovative ways of getting work done, anywhere, and at anytime!

Initially, the advent of mobile phones and tablets provided users with great versatility and mobility in accomplishing their work-related tasks.

However, with significant recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and other information capturing and analysis technologies, today, the modern workplace is equipped with tools to drive productivity to levels that have never been achieved prior!

Enterprise Cloud Printing Solution: Alleviate the Burden on System Admins

Enterprise Cloud Printing Solution Alleviate the Burden on System Admins

The future of enterprise computing lies in the cloud!  Cloud computing offers enhanced flexibility and scalability, with the ability to adapt and expand as dictated by enterprise requirements, while allowing organizations to reduce the IT infrastructure that they deploy, leading to reduced IT support costs.

With cloud computing also streamlining file and document access from anywhere, it has enabled greater collaboration amongst employees within an organization and across various departments, leading to increased productivity.

However, with all of the positives that cloud computing brings along, printing from the cloud has been a lingering issue for many enterprises!

Enterprise Pull Printing and the Need for High Availability

Enterprise Pull Printing and the Need for High AvailabilityIn today’s corporate world, decision makers are constantly looking for ways to improve their organizational efficiency through the effective adoption and implementation of the latest technologies.

With printing being an integral part of many enterprise workflows and processes, vendors in the managed print services industry introduced “pull printing”, a secure printing mechanism which only permits authorized users to obtain their hardcopy documents from printers.

Pull printing consists of users sending print jobs from their workstations to be stored on a virtual print queue within a print server.