Building a Print Security Strategy: 7 Factors to Consider

Building a Print Security Strategy 7 Factors to Consider

Data breaches have massive consequences for organizations – financial, legal, and reputational – making information security and protection a key focus moving forward. The enormous repercussions of data breaches mean that security has to be considered at the board level and across the organization rather than just the IT department.

The landscape of cyber security is also constantly expanding as connected Internet of Things (IOT) endpoints continues to grow.

HIMSS 2019 – Digital Transformation Through Digital Input and Output

At this years HIMSS, we are excited to showcase our new combined solution, which brings together these two powerful solutions alongside exciting new features. While the UniPrint and CP-1 platforms support both physical and digital input and output, the ultimate goal for many healthcare organizations is to be 100% digital, and in the process eliminate the need for paper and fax. Two new CP-1 features will be unveiled at HIMSS 2019: The SecureSend feature powered by UniPrint Infinity’s Universal Print Driver technology, and Scheduling Assist – the 24/7 Advanced Booking Assistant powered by Simplifimed.