How to Establish a True Enterprise Mobile Print Solution

how to establish a true enterprise mobile print solution

Mobile devices are transforming the workplace and productivity. The workplace is not limited to the traditional office space and desktop computers, rather employees can access corporate information and services from their mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets, and laptops in different locations each day.

Without an approved approach to mobile printing, employees are forced to use alternative printing apps which don’t offer enough protection and don’t include tracking and monitoring features for the organization.

Print Management – How to Prevent Printer Security Breaches

Output print management printer security breaches

Over 60% of businesses have admitted to experiencing print-related data breaches, however enterprises still place a low priority on print security.

Multi-function printers (MFP) have evolved into sophisticated devices capable of running its own software and handling print, scan, email, and fax; it has become an integral device in streamlining workflows, and a device that organizations can no longer be complacent with. MFPs are referred to as the “weakest link” in IT infrastructure and can leave organizations exposed to potential data breaches.

How to Leverage Virtual Printing in Your Healthcare Environment

Perhaps no workplace environment is more stressful than healthcare. At its most basic level, healthcare revolves around a never-ending cycle of critical emergencies. Dealing with this most elemental form of stress is just a part of many clinicians’ lives.

This infographic illustrates some of the printing related challenges faced by clinicians and healthcare IT personnel as well as printing virtualization solutions provided by UniPrint Infinity’s Healthcare Printing Suite.