Printer Hacking – A Very Real Enterprise Data Security Breach

Printer Hacking – A Very Real Enterprise Data Security Breach-min

In today’s immersive world of technology, organizations have access to an array of tools used to assist them in every-day operations and decision making.

As we innovate and pioneer technology, we also create a new set of issues.Data breaches, data theft, phishing, ransomware, and malware are all good examples.

Many of these vulnerabilities can come from every-day usage of peripherals like printers, and it is something enterprises must consider to protect the confidentiality of their documents.

Azure Cloud Printing Solutions for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Users

Many organizations use Citrix to virtualize their desktops and apps to provide a secure on-demand service to their users at anytime, anywhere.

Users are also able to access their desktop through tablets, smartphones, laptops, and thin clients, while providing a centralized control environment to system admins, while reducing IT resources spent on fixing individual issues.

But what about printing over the cloud?