2 Major Challenges of Deploying a Mobile Print Strategy

2 major challenges deploying a mobile print strategy

The advent of mobile smartphones and tablets have changed the way we all communicate and do business. A report by IDC found that 75% of the workforce was mobile in 2010. As the use of mobility has grown, the need for mobile print is also growing.

In considering a mobile print strategy, there are often many questions that arise from both sides of the equation. IT departments and system administrators worry how this will affect their daily routines and workflow, while end users may worry about if their BYOD device is supported with mobile print.

How To Prevent Security Breaches with Secure Pull Printing

The vPad Pro is a multi-purpose network print appliance that enables dual print security through PDF encryption and user-authenticated secure pull printing.

It can also enable print stream compression, which solves remote printing bandwidth issues that can occur with print servers in remote locations.

By deploying a secure pull printing solution, it will reduce printing costs by eliminating waste, improve user workflow through on-demand printing and improve security from print-related data breaches.