The Real Cost of Enterprise Printing – Free Is Not Really Free

In this software-defined age, organizations deploy software to boost efficiency, save time and reduce costs. And like most organizations, you have limited IT staff, a modest budget and overflowing to-do lists; hence, the reason why desktop virtualization and centralized application delivery are so popular.

These built-in UPD printing solutions are free up front and may reduce acquisition costs, but can they reduce the cost of printing over the long term?

Citrix Printing: How to Solve Remote VDI Printing Issues

As an increasing number of global enterprises move to centralize their IT infrastructures, remote printing across the vast geographical spread of operations frequently presents a formidable challenge to IT departments, such as those in a Citrix VDI environment.  Such is the case for one of UniPrint’s banking/financial customers in the UK: Standard Bank Offshore Group.

Find out how UniPrint helped Standard Bank Offshore Group to successfully overcome remote printing issues across its operations to achieve effortless, fast and reliable remote printing, and provided a future-proof printing solution for their Citrix XenApp environment.

Print Optimization – How To Deploy High Availability Printing

Have you been in a situation where you need to print last minute (at home or the office), only to find that your printer isn’t working when you need it the most?

Now imagine a surgeon needing to perform an emergency operation on a patient, only to find that he/she cannot obtain the necessary consent forms because the print server crashed. How do you optimize your print infrastructure to ensure maximum print uptime?

Enterprise Printing Solutions – Why It Still Matters in 2022

enterprise printing software why you should care about printing

Who among us hasn’t imagined the future of digital transformation and what new technologies may offer in 5, 10 or even 20 years?

At UniPrint, a large portion of our responsibilities is to continuously develop our enterprise printing solutions and determine where technology is heading and how it will affect the function of printing in all industries.

Healthcare Print Management Can Save More Than Just Time

Healthcare Print Management Can Save more than Time-min

Imagine your typical hospital.  It’s pretty big, right?  Now imagine how many computers and printers there are in that hospital.  In one word: Many.

Healthcare facilities have hundreds of computing devices on one network in dozens of different locations; each may or may not have its own printer(s), which can make healthcare print management a complicated IT issue.