User Stories: How a Cloud Hosting IT Team Increased Client Efficiency

I’m Bob Pelzer, the IT Manager and this is Wynn Fangmeier, an IT Analyst at TEAM Software. TEAM Software is an independent software vendor that makes software for the back-end process of janitorial and security guard companies. We provide ERP systems to cover everything from accounting, HR, budgeting, and timekeeping software. There’s a lot of high turnover, a lot of HR needs in those industries with not a lot of ops personnel to do it, so we help automate and accelerate the process.

We are Window’s based with SQL server so we’re heavy on web products and we rely on Citrix for a lot of support. When users are connecting to our network they may be based in a home office or central office, but there are ops managers, field officers, and they could be connecting from anything!

User Stories: Lead Solutions Architect at ARC Improves IT Workflow


My name is Adam Flowers, and I am a lead solutions architect here at the American Red Cross. The team that I am on is called End User Technologies Solutions, which is the architect or engineering level for the EUS group which is desktop support or service desk support.

Being on the IT team, I am tasked with IT support for a multitude of different organizations and end user classifications. I support full-time employees, part-time employees, and the volunteer staff as well. We have such a diverse printing environment – so many different printer models, many different set-ups, and of course we had home users that had wireless printers in their homes or USB attached printers out there.

User Stories: A Healthcare Medical Doctors Printing Challenges

uniprint user stories st joseph health hospital Dr Lee

I’m Doctor Brian Lee, and I am full time emergency doctor, chairman of the emergency department, and chairman of the physician advisory committee for St. Joseph Hospital. Our hospital serves 90,000 patients a year and on average I serve 10 patients an hour.

One of the primary issues that I faced was accidentally printing confidential documents to other regions, since our old system listed every single location, which caused a lot of frustration with having to run back and forth to collect the documents. This ended up being a very time consuming process which took anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes just to get something printed out.

User Stories: Standard Bank CIO Secures Their Print Infrastructure

uniprint user stories Standard Bank simon lebroq cio

My name is Simon Le Brocq, and I am the Chief Information Officer at Standard Bank Offshore Group. I am responsible for overseeing the IT strategy and computer systems required to support the bank.

At our headquarters in Jersey, we have 200 internal clients which runs a mixture of thick and thin clients on Windows 7 and Citrix XenApp 6.5, while our remote locations predominately run on thin client applications.

In addition to our other locations in Isle of Man, London, Mauritius, and Johannesburg, we have a total of 420 internal advisers across the globe.

Infographic: Healthcare Printing Suite

Despite all the advances in digitalization and imaging technology, printing continues to be a critical function for the healthcare industry. UniPrint Infinity’s Healthcare Printing Suite (HPS) enables speedy, error-free, and on demand secure printing from major EHS/EMR applications, with 100% uptime.

Deploying the UniPrint Infinity HPS, hospitals and health organizations benefit from optimized clinical workflows, reduced printing costs, and improved quality of patient care while eliminating data breaches when printing.